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Earn up to a 500% every day with your BTCs. Discover the system that is revolutionizing our users's profitability.





Register for free and access the exclusive section of the “Stock Market” in your backoffice, where you will find all the necessary information to participate in this great opportunity.

Choose Up or Down

Predict and participate in the profitability that will be given in the Pool today. Choose UP if you believe that today's profitability is going to be higher than yesterday's or DOWN if you believe it will be lower.

Pool's profitability.

Wait until 0:00 hr (Spanish Time) to know if your investment has been winning and with what return. You can withdraw the earnings directly to your wallet at any time.

What is BTCSURF'S Stock Market?
BTCSURF'S Stock Market is an instrument that allows generating a high profitability every day without relying on a software or any robots. You just need to choose and guess whether the pool's profitability is going to increase or decrease with respect to the previous day.
Where can I see the pool's daily and monthly profitability history?
In your backoffice, Pool section, you will find all the data needed for your inquiry.
What is the minimum and maximum to deposit?
The minimum deposit is of 0.0001 BTC. There is not an stablished maximum.
What is the minimum withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal is of 20.000 satoshis (0.0002 BTC).
Can I participate more than one time?
Before the closure of the stock market of each day you can participate and buy as many participations as you wish.
Can I withdraw my deposit?
Yes, you can withdraw the remainder of your balance at any time.
At what time does the day close and when will my earnings be added?
At 23:00 hr (server hour) a cycle will be closed, at 0:00 hr you will be able to know the pool's profitability and see if your continuation/s has/ve been winners and with what return.
Where can I see what I have earned?
If your investment/s was/were winner/s it will be added to your balance, which you can check at any moment in the historical corresponding to this section.

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