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What is BTCSURF?

BTCSURF aims to be the largest crypto-community to offer an exclusive and revolutionary service, giving an opportunity to generate passive income to the entire community.

How can I participate in BTCSURF?

To participate in BTCSURF you only have to register a free account and start to enjoy the exclusive benefits that we offer you.

Is it necessary to verify my identity?

No, it is not necessary to verify your identity at this time.

Can I have more than one account in BTCSURF?

Yes, there is no limit to the accounts you can have, as long as you use a different email for each account.

Can I be a part of BTCSURF if nobody has recommended it to me or if I have not been referred by anyone?

Yes, it is not necessary to have a sponsor to be a part of the BTCSURF community.

How are the revenues distributed in BTCSURF?

The turnover of BTCSURF is distributed in an equitable and fair manner to always guarantee the sustainability of the project without relying on the intermediaries or external factors.
50% - Affiliation plan distributed in 11 levels.
20% - External promotion of surfing for all advertisers, generating visits from other sources of traffic.
10% - Weekly Bonus.
10% - Random bonus per activity.
10% - Management and maintenance of BTCSURF systems.


To start at BTCSURF is it necessary to have a membership?

No, you can belong to the community for free and get income by recommending the platform or for your activity on it.

What is the difference between the different memberships?

You can see the different benefits of each of the memberships here .

Does my membership expire?

No, the memberships are for life, there are no renewals or monthly or annual fees.

Can I have the two memberships?

No, you can only have one membership per account. In case you want to obtain a higher membership, you should only buy it, or do the upgrade in case you have the Silver Surf membership.

To start at BTCSURF is it necessary to have a membership?

No, you can belong to the community for free and get income by recommending the platform or for your activity on it.


What are the bonuses?

The bonuses are rewards that are shared among all members of the BTCSURF community.

What is the weekly bonus?

The Weekly Bonus is awarded every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. (UTC+2) to all users who have an active membership, either Silver or Golden. BTCSURF allocates 10% of its billing to said distribution.

What is the random bonus?

The Random Bonus is a bonus that is awarded per activity, either by logging in, viewing ads or recommendations on social networks. Our algorithm determines the activity of each user to make said distribution.
The more activity, the more random bonuses you can receive in your account.

How are the bonuses added?

All the bonuses are automatically added to your backoffice and you will see them reflected in your balance and your history.


Can I participate with any digital currency?

No, we only work with BITCOIN for both deposits and withdrawals.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are processed in a maximum time of 24 hours.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal at BTCSURF is 0.005 BTC.

Should I have a wallet?

Yes, in order to send and receive payments, you must have a BITCOIN wallet. It is important to have your wallet updated on your profile so you can receive withdrawals.

Can I participate with any digital currency?

No, we only work with BITCOIN for both deposits and withdrawals.


Who sees my ads?

Your ad/s will be seen both by the BTCSURF community and external users who visit the ads on the websites where we promote them.

My ad has been rejected, what is it due to?

We do not accept websites with violent content, pornography or any other illegal content. If this is the case, please re-edit your ad.

How many visits can I receive with my ad?

We cannot guarantee a minimum of daily visits as these may vary every day. What we do guarantee you is that you will receive daily visits to your ad. To corroborate this you can use a counter like google analytics or others to verify the received traffic.


Does BTCSURF have a recommendation plan?

Yes, BTCSURF distributes 50% of all income in the recommendation plan which has 11 levels in direct line.
- By registering for free as a surfer from the community you can Access the first level of the recommendation plan.
- By having the Silver Surf membership you can Access up to three levels of the recommendation plan.
- By having the Golden Surf membership you can access up to eleven levels of the recommendation plan.
The percentages for each referral registered with your link are as follows:
Level 1 - 20%
Level 2 - 10%
Level 3 - 5%
Level 4 - 3%
Level 5 - 3%
Level 6 - 2%
Level 7 - 2%
Level 8 - 2%
Level 9 - 1%
Level 10 - 1%
Level 11 - 1%

When do I receive commissions from the recommendation plan?

The commissions for each referral from your network are automatically paid to your BackOffice.

Where can I find my referral link?

You can find your referral link in the section “My referral network” and in “Summary”. You will also have promotional material to easily help you promote your referral link.

How many referrals can I have?

There is no limit; you can have as many referrals as you want.


What is the BTCSURF Community Pool?

The community pool is an exclusive service of BTCSURF. Its purpose is to obtain profits by building affiliate networks on the different platforms chosen by users and which in turn we consider sustainable and lucrative over time.

Can anyone participate?

Yes, any user can participate as long as they are registered on the platform.

What are the advantages of participating in the Pool?

We invest in community. By financing ourselves with more capital we reduce operational and economic costs, which allow us to generate thousands of affiliates, and, therefore, generate high returns.
You start to earn the firs day, without waiting. You can invest and receive profits that same day as long as you do it before 0:00 hrs. Since then you will receive daily payments from Monday to Sunday.
By diversifying the Portfolio we will be able to create a sustainable structure over time.

Do I to have purchased any membership to participate?

No, you can participate regardless of the membership you have acquired.

Do you invest in forex, trading, arbitration or any other financial instrument?

No, BTCSURF is dedicated and specialized in advertising services and strategies, especially in the creation of affiliate networks to obtain a benefit from it.

How do you obtain the returns you grant to users?

The returns granted are born exclusively from the benefits of the compensation plans that each platform generates.

If a platform disappears or closes, what will happen?

As the portfolio is diversified, if one platform closes it will be replaced with another one with no risk to the Pool. A survey would then be carried out to choose among all another new platform.

What is the minimum and maximum contribution limit?

The minimum contribution is 0.005 BTC and the maximum is 5 BTC per account.

How do you manage my contribution (s)?

Your contributions in the pool are 100% invested in advertising.

What does BTCSURF earn with this service?

BTCSURF earns 5% of the profits for management expenses, payments to managers, qualified personnel, etc. 95% of the profits are distributed fully among all the participants. BTCSURF collects only and exclusively from the profits.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC.

When do I receive my interest in the Pool?

They are received from Monday to Sunday at 0:00 a.m. (Spain server) to the balance of your pool backoffice being available for withdrawal.

What distinguishes us from the competition?

We are an advertising company, we invest without risks in an easy to understand, real and tangible product. We do not intend to distinguish ourselves from anyone. Our goal is to have a business model that all users can test and see the effectiveness for themselves.

What advertising platform do you work with?

We currently have agreements with more than 10 advertising platforms, some of which are dedicated to the crypto world, including MellowAds, CoinAd, etc. Regardless of this, we manage advertising on a network of more than 100 different sites, including PTC, CPC campaigns, CPM, social networks, digital newspapers, blogs, etc.
We additionally have a network of collaborators and intermediaries for a more integrated management.

What returns can I expect?

Daily returns are variable and can vary every day. There is not an established premise, but it usually varies between 0,25% at its lowest peaks and 1,05% at its highest peaks. We remind you that you can check the history at any time from your backoffice.

What does the daily profitability obtained depend of?

BTCSURF does not mark the Pool´s profitability; these depend on the daily billing on each of the active platforms in the Portfolio. Profits vary based on the following factors:
+ New registrations on the platform and activity of the referrals that day.
+ Number of casualties (inactive people) that day on the platform.
+ Number of investments and total amount of total investments (especially in companies that pay by CPA or PURCHASE/INVESTMENT)
+ Profitability of the platforms that have daily earnings. We depend on the residuals of the Network of that benefit.
+ Unprofitable or bankrupt platforms would involve new planning and investment. It is important to know that, from the moment a platform is added to the Pool until we have a residual benefit 30/45 days can pass, as before starting with that new platform all sales funnels must be configured and the strategy to follow must be planned.

What is the estimated profitability that appears in the backoffice?

The estimated profitability that you can find in the Pool section is estimated information based on calculations takin into consideration the previous month, hence the wide range between the maximum and the minimum. This data should not be considered as real (it is only an estimation) since, as mentioned in the previous point, profitability can vary sharply due to numerous factors.

Does the compensation plan not alter profitability? Explanatory Note on the Community Pool compensation plan

1) The compensation plan is not paid from the benefits of the users, but from the company's investment investment in advertising, that is, 100% of the contributions we allocate to advertising and in which independent companies and affiliates collaborate, it is It is important that this point is understood.
2) The operation of the pool will NEVER be affected. The profitability of the pool depends solely and exclusively on the factors specified in our FAQ, FAQ number 16, Community Pool section.

How does the pool compensation plan work?

The pool compensation plan distributes up to 10.5% of the investments and reinvestments of your network as follows:
+ Your first level of referrals pays you 3% of all investments and reinvestments, so that if your network invests 1 btc in the pool, you will automatically receive 0.03 BTC's in your balance
+ Your second level has the same operation but paying 2% instead of 3%.
+ The third and fourth levels pay 1% and from the fifth to the eleventh they pay 0.5% each level
+ To access the compensation plan you must have a minimum Silver membership that gives you access to the First 3 payment levels or a Golden membership that gives you access to all levels.

Is it necessary to have a Silver or Golden membership to access the Community Pool compensation plan?

Yes, the Silver membership gives you access to the first 3 levels of payment of the compensation plan and the Golden membership gives you access to the 11 levels of collection of the compensation plan.

Do I need to have an investment in the Pool to access the compensation plan?

No, it is recommended but not essential. What is required is to have a Silver or Golden membership.

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